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Who to See at SXSW 2012

SXSW has become the indie music fan’s yearly pilgrimage to Mecca and rightfully so.  Each year the 9 day-long festival attracts the best and the brightest from the indie music world and this year’s no different.  A host of talent will be gracing the many stages this year including some really big name acts, but we’re most excited for a select few.  Hit the jump to stream a few of the performers we at the Music-RX are just giddy over.

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Youth Lagoon – “July” (Video)

In 2011, Youth Lagoon delivered one absolutely classic indie LP (The Year of Hibernation) and now the second single from TYOH is upon us and it’s a doozy.  “July” is a pleasant, reverb-drenched, shoegaze-inspired effort that even without the aid of a music video, manages to ooze emotion.  It just so happens this one was given the proverbial visual treatment and the end result was an equally emotion-provoking viewing/listening experience by way of a bunch of well orchestrated nose bleeds.  Yes, nose bleeds–so many nose bleeds…  Jump and enjoy.

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