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Review: Kanye West & Jay-Z – ‘Watch The Throne’ (Album)

Have you ever anticipated an album so adamantly that when it dropped it could never live up to the pedestal you sat it on? I assumed that would be the case with Kanye and Hov’s Watch The Throne and I was undoubtedly wrong. The collaborative duo has not only produced an album worthy of buying, but has created a sound that can only move hip-hop further. Based off of pre-determined, biased mind-states, reviews of what the album would be have ranged from absolute bust to instant classic. But now after listening thru the album twice it is without a doubt the latter. With features from Beyonce to Oddfuture’s Frank Ocean, and production from RZA to the Neptunes, Watch The Throne brings hip-hop fans a truly comprehensive album that combines raw beats, thought-provoking songs and real rap.

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Kanye West Dropping New Album This Summer

Kane West recently tweeted that Watch The Throne will be released in two months, as well as the video for ‘All Of The Lights’ will be released in a week. Thank ill Roots for the original post.

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