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Who to See at SXSW 2012

SXSW has become the indie music fan’s yearly pilgrimage to Mecca and rightfully so.  Each year the 9 day-long festival attracts the best and the brightest from the indie music world and this year’s no different.  A host of talent will be gracing the many stages this year including some really big name acts, but we’re most excited for a select few.  Hit the jump to stream a few of the performers we at the Music-RX are just giddy over.

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Kreayshawn – “Shrimp Pt. 2″ (feat. Theophilus London)

It’s official, this has to be one of if not the most unexpected as well as random collaborations this year in hip-hop if not of all time, and that is Kreayshawn and Theophilus London. It could be said and is said that Kreayshawn lacks talent, but I’ll dispute that fact and stick by her side and acknowledge her artistic ability and originality, but as for Theophilus London I can attest that he is one talented mother f*cker and we can expect to hear plenty of quality music from his way in the future. This songs titled “Shrimp Pt. 2″ and is unbelievably catchy among other things. Enjoy!

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Theophilus London – “Girls Girls $” (Video)

“This video was built on the hype and importance of the internet. NYC legends and hotspots, twitter personalities, quotes and everything hyped weather good or bad. I was intrigued by this character my friend Ben Solomon had on his avatar and approached him via twitter and email to talk about a concept. He came over an we sketched out a few things and brainstormed. This is the modern day Waldo. Can u spot anyone? #isityou?”

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Theophilus London – “Field of Dreams”

Theophilus London is my favorite hip/hop artist right now.  There.  I said it.  His sound is as fresh and unique as his style and he’s got one of the most anticipated albums of the summer coming out July 19 (Timez Are Weird These Days) and oh, by the way, it’s only his first full-length release.  Ladies and gentlemen, I think this man is about to blow up.  Here’s a new upbeat, sample-heavy track from Mr. London called “Field of Dreams”.  Enjoy.

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Theophilus London – “Last Name London”

Here’s a little something to look forward to when Theophilus London drops his major label debut LP, Timez Are Weird These Days, on July 19.

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Theophilus London – Why Even Try Ft. Sara Quin (Video)

Theophilus London Lovers Holiday EP available now on 
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Theophilus London – Century Girl Ft. Devonte Hynes

After discovering Theophilus London on my own about a year ago, I steadily built a fan base for Theophilus amongst my friends, and now I find myself completely out of the loop on his music. That’s all about to change, after hearing this track I instantly began shuffling through his music on my iTunes.

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Hear & Download the new Theophilus London Single

I love this guy.  As far as I’m concerned Theophilus London’s gonna be big.  He’s been working on his newest LP, A Lover’s Holiday (due out February 8th), and you can hear and download the first single, “Why Even Try” (feat. Sara Quin), over on this website (follow the link).

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