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Listen to & Download the Weeknd’s ‘Echoes of Silence’

The Weeknd’s last two releases, House of Balloons and Thursday, were pretty big hits in the indie music world and Echoes of Silence is primed to continue the tradition.  The nine-track record offers more of The Weeknd’s typical smooth R&B stylings that are sure to make some panties drop, plus there’s a pretty nice cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”.  Oh, I forgot–it’s available to listen to or download for FREE after the jump.  Enjoy, children.

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The Weeknd – “The Knowing” (Video)

Here’s the first “official” video from the Weeknd for “The Knowing” off the House of Balloons mixtape.  A bunch of (apparently) unofficial sets of visuals have hit the internet for tracks from the The Weeknd, but alas, this one is the real deal and it’s a pretty fine effort.  A fairly intense sci-fi battle of the sexes is highlighted here with time-traveling, crotch lasers, and just a general omnipresent sexiness.  I approve.  Jump and enjoy.

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Review: The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’ (Mixtape)

In an era where mixtapes are a dime a dozen and usually thrown together without any true concept or appropriate progression, Abel Tesfay, better known as The Weeknd,  stunned the R&B game in late March with his debut mixtape House of Balloons. The 21-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter wasted no time dropping his next project Thursday. In clever fashion The Weeknd dropped an image for the mixtape Wednesday night, which set his fans into frenzy. All day fans just like me sat around patiently waiting for Thursday and when it dropped around 11pm that night The Weeknd’s website subsequently crashed. It stayed down for a considerable amount of time proving that he’s already gained a substantial following off of only one mixtape and co-signs from Drake. Read More

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Hear the Weeknd’s “End Times” In Dexter Season 6 Teaser

This post is for all those Dexter fans out there.  The much anticipated 6th season of the delightfully murderous show is on its way and here’s a little teaser to satisfy your tastebuds.  Honestly though, I really just like the track included in it from the Weeknd called “End Times”.  I’ve been a big-ish fan of the Weeknd for a while now and it’s kind of nice to seem right alongside a great television show.  Hit the jump to check it out.

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The Weeknd – “The Morning” (Video)

Here’s another “unofficial” video possibly from the Weeknd for the track, “The Morning”.  You know, I’d like to describe to you a little bit about what exactly is going on in this video but I’m sort of at a loss.  I can say for certain that there’s plenty of sexy young women apparently lost (or stranded) in the desert wearing cocktail dresses.  It’s a little bizarre but still worth a watch.  Jump and enjoy.

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Collin McLoughlin – “High for This” (The Weeknd Cover)

I absolutely love The Weeknd’s last record, House of Balloons, so this track didn’t really have to do too much to win me over.  It’s a fairly simple, mostly acoustic cover of an already pretty solid track.  There’s just enough production to make it work.  Check it out below.  (Thanks to In Audio We Trust)

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The Weeknd – “What You Need” (Video)

I should start this post out by saying that apparently this video may actually not be ‘official’ in so many words. That being said, I still like this vid.  It follows a young woman around the aftermath of what appears to have been one hell of a party until a moment of “emotional uncertainty” takes place (watch and you’ll see what I mean).  By the way, the track’s not too shabby–definitely digging the Weeknd.  Jump and enjoy.

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The Weeknd – ‘House of Balloons’ (LP)

I admit before listening to this album I knew very little about The Weeknd but I can say with the utmost honesty that upon hearing the record in its entirety, I was immediately compelled to get my hands on more of their material.  House of Balloons is a very well produced electronic album with an R & B tinge that is FREE to download or listen to, so catch the links below and snatch it, ya dig?

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