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Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind” (feat. Tyler, The Creator)

This video has been highly anticipated, so thankfully today was the Red Bull premier of Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator’s video “Trouble On My Mind”. This video is on point, and easily puts Tyler in the running for the two best music videos this year. Be on the lookout for Push T’s Fear Of God II which will feature this track.

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Tyler, the Creator (feat. Frank Ocean) – “She” (Video)

Tyler, the Creator drops visuals for She”, Goblin‘s second single. This video is dope as hell (No MellowHype)–it’s cool knowing I’m not the only one down with the “Fuck Green Screen” movement.

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Tyler, The Creator (feat. Frank Ocean) – “She”

While watching my timeline unfold on Twitter, I saw this track pop up via Rap Radar. This is exactly what Tyler, The Creator and the rest of OFWGKTA didn’t want, and that’s leaks. Of course, no artist wants their music to be leaked without their consent but it happens and always will. This track, “She”, features Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator.

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Tyler, The Creator – “Tron Cat”

Unfortunately were probably one of the last few blogs that supports OFWGKTA to post this track from Tyler The Creator’s highly anticipated album, Goblin.  ”Tron Cat” is over a year old but has managed to make the cut for the album. Do the right thing and purchase this album come May 10th.

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Tyler, the Creator – Thurnis Haley, GOLFWANG (Pt. 2)

Tyler, the Creator’s back as Thurnis Haley, in Part 2 of his GOLFWANG skits. This time some one puts their hands on Thurnis’ balls. Goblin drops May 10th. Props to Miss Info

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