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Take Away Show – Thurston Moore

Here’s yet another fresh Take Away Show from our friends at La Blogotheque and this time the featured artist is indie/punk legend Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth).  Moore showcases a couple of his solo tunes including a medley of “Benediction” and “Blood Never Lies” along with a performance of “Circulation” all accompanied by a lone violin player.  It’s all very tastefully done–high marks to you, La Blogotheque, and the performance’s director, Derek Belcham.  Jump and enjoy.

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Thurston Moore – “Circulation”

Thurston Moore, if you weren’t aware, is the lead-singer of Sonic Youth–yeah, that band from like twenty years ago that helped change how people look at rock music–so it’s fair to say he’s been around the block a few times.  That being said, I’m really looking forward to hearing his upcoming solo LP Demolished Thoughts when it comes out May 24 (or maybe earlier?…hehe).  His track, “Circulation”, which is drenched in lush strings and guitars, is streaming right now on his Facebook page–just ‘Like’ it to listen (I’ll get more of his stuff up per its availability).  Hit the jump for the link.

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Hear the new Sonic Youth Film Soundtrack

I’ve posted some Sonic Youth tracks before and if you didn’t listen to ‘em then, you should now.  Sonic Youth has been doing their thing for years now and yes, they’re still going strong.  They recently recorded the soundtrack for the French film Simon Warner a Disparu (aka Lights Out) –physically, the LP will be out February 15th, but you can stream it right now over at 3VOOR12

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