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Watch Radiohead Perform Two New Songs

Who doesn’t love new Radiohead material?  Last night, on the first stop of their tour in Miami, Thom Yorke and company debuted two new tracks: “Cut a Hole” and “Identikit”.  The tracks are in the same experimental vein a lot of their recent stuff has come from but the videos are worth a watch if only for Radiohead’s awesome stage show.  Jump away.

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Radiohead – “The Daily Mail”

Here’s half of Radiohead’s upcoming single release (12/19) in the form of “The Daily Mail”.  This track was premiered during the band’s Live from the Basement concert and is something of a throwback.  I can’t help but hear a distinctly heavy Hail to the Thief influence all over the piano parts in this track.  Jump and enjoy, children.

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Watch Radiohead Perform on the Colbert Report

I suppose the sharp comedic stylings of the Colbert Report isn’t exactly synonymous with the experimental flair of Radiohead but, damn it, you’ve got to love the combination.  Thom Yorke and friends joined Stephen Colbert last night for an hour-long special edition of the Colbert Report that included extended interviews and multiple performances of both old and new tracks, and well, it’s sort of a big deal.  It turns out the mega-music-machine Radiohead hasn’t graced a late-night television show’s stage in 18 years (crazy, right?), so go ahead and hit the jump for the performance vids and interviews.  Jump and enjoy.

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Radiohead – “Little by Little (Caribou Remix)” & “Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)”

Here’s the first of a series of limited edition remixes Radiohead’s releasing via Ticker Tape.  This single’s got Caribou’s take on “Little by Little” and a version of “Lotus Flower” touched up by Jacques Greene.  I won’t pick favorites (that’s not my style) but I think I prefer the latter of the two.  It’s got a really mellow-rainy-Sunday-morning kind of vibe to it.  Jump and enjoy.

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Watch Radiohead Perform a New Track

Has Radiohead ever put out any bad material?  I’m pretty sure not.  Each album they record is as anticipated of a release as any other out there today and for good reason.  Their records always seem to push the ‘acceptable’ sonic boundaries of music just enough to not only create something no one has ever heard before, but to also change the status quo of the musical scene.  The guys of Radiohead are as much musical visionaries as you will find anywhere these days, so I always love getting my hands on any and all new material they release like this dark, brooding track, “Staircase”, performed live for their appearance on the From the Basement series (set to air July 1).  Also, if I’m not mistaken, it looks like they’ve got a little percussion help from Portishead/Robert Plant drummer Clive Deamer.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

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Weezer – “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead Cover)

I think it really takes balls to cover any Radiohead song–I mean enormous fucking ca-hones, particularly when it’s as famous a song as “Paranoid Android”.  Musically, Weezer pretty much nails it.  All the instrumentation’s there including those precious soaring uber-distorted guitars; the only real qualm I have with this performance are River Cuomo’s vocals–they just can’t ever quite replace Thom Yorke’s presence.  Jump and check this one out.

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Flying Lotus (feat. Thom Yorke) – “And the World Laughs at You”

Flying Lotus has worked with Radiohead and Thom Yorke on a few projects now.  In fact, rumor’s are circulating suggesting that the mixmaster will be remixing their newest effort, King of Limbs.  Verdict’s still out though on the possible collab, but in the meanwhile, here’s a track from Flying Lotus’s Cosmogramma featuring Thom Yorke.  Jump and enjoy.

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Radiohead – "Supercollider" & "The Butcher"

Here are a couple of new(ish) tracks left off of King of Limbs.  I don’t really know a whole lot about these two tracks but they’re from Radiohead, so they’re almost certainly better than anything most bands are capable of putting out.  Enjoy.

Radiohead – “Supercollider” by znaki.fm

Radiohead – “The Butcher” by znaki.fm

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Listen to the New Radiohead Album ‘The King of Limbs’

Streaming now is Radiohead’s brand-new LP, The King of Limbs.  Yeah, it’s good–thank me later.  Enjoy.

Radiohead – The King of Limbs by ThePEAK

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Radiohead- Lotus Flower (Video)

So tomorrow is the release of the new Radiohead album The King Of Limbs and in honor of that, the fellas decided to drop some visuals for “Lotus Flower”. I’m not quite sure what’s the deal with this video, but I do enjoy the song. The full length album won’t be available until May 9th, but make sure and snatch up a digital copy tomorrow.
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