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Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind” (Rustie Remix)


Scotland (Glasgow to be exact) producer/DJ and Lucky Me affiliate Rustie, reworked Pusha T’s “What Dreams Are Made Of”. This remix was originally commissioned to be part of a lost remix project titled: Lucky T, which was a collab between LM and Decon Records for Push T’s Wrath Of God EP. Unfortunately the lost remix project known as Lucky T, never surfaced. Rustie is on fire, releasing remixes and solos that have put him on the map.

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Pusha T – “Feeling Myself” (feat. Kevin Cossom) (Video)

Another visual from Pusha’s Fear Of God: Let Us Pray EP. This is a really dope song…

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Pusha T – “Amen” (feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy)

Pusha T brings in Kanye and Jeezy to grace his newest single from his upcoming EP Fear Of God, which drop August 23rd. Produced by Shawty Redd.

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Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind” (feat. Tyler, The Creator)

This video has been highly anticipated, so thankfully today was the Red Bull premier of Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator’s video “Trouble On My Mind”. This video is on point, and easily puts Tyler in the running for the two best music videos this year. Be on the lookout for Push T’s Fear Of God II which will feature this track.

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Pusha T – “Trouble On My Mind” (feat. Tyler The Creator)

After bursting onto the scene, and already accomplishing several lifelong goals, Tyler The Creator recently scratched another one of the list by linking up with Pusha T. As Tyler has said himself, he’s always been a long time Clipse fan, and his dreams finally came true when he got the opportunity to make music with Clipse member, Pusha T. The photo above is a snapshot from the video they shot awhile back for this track “Trouble On My Mind”, so be on the look out for it when RedBullUSA.com premiers it next week. This track will be featured on Pusha’s upcoming album Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray.

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Pusha-T – “Alone in Vegas” (Video)

Is this video number 5? Seems like they get doper every time a new one comes out. “Alone in Vegas” is one of the stand out records on Fear of God and the visuals definitely match the quality of the song. Can’t wait to see what drops next. Photo courtesy of Steven Victor. You can hit the jump for the video.

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Pusha T – “Blow” (Video)

Pusha drops a vid for another track off Fear of God. I think we might end up seeing a video for every track on the album, but who’s complaining? Check the jump for the footage of the original freestyle with Kanye.

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Pusha T – “Open Your Eyes” (Video)

Pusha drops visuals for another track off of Fear of God, this time its “Open Your Eyes”. The video was directed by Virginia based Orson Whales, they’ve worked with the Clipse to direct “Life Change” and directed Ab-Liva’s “Who’s Better”. Malice has a cameo in the vid, along with a ton of Pusha’s lines– see what I did there?

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Ab-Liva (feat. Pusha T) – “Who’s Better” (Video)

It’s the R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G! Here go some visuals for Liva & Pusha‘s collab off of Ab-Liva & iCan‘s ¥.€.$. Movement Vol. 1 (FreeEP) that dropped back in the fall.

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Pusha T – “Can I Live” (Video)

Visuals for Pusha’s version of Can I Live off Fear of God. Shout out to Push for bringing the cliche 90′s rap vid to 2011, no green screen either, you have to love it. Check after the jump for a conversation with Pusha, courtesy of Miss Info

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