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Lil B – “Where Dem Based Boyz” (Video)

Before posting this, I was contemplating an appropriate title for this post and I had several ideas: “Lil B – “Where Dem Based Boyz” RARE, CLASSIC”, “Lil B – “Where Dem Based Boyz” WOW, RARE”. I quickly realized that as many viewers as the Based God marketing strategy might attract it will also leave many people questioning my sanity, so I simply decided to go with: “Lil B – Where Dem Based Boyz (Video)”. Enjoy!

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Lil B at Coachella

What an announcement, lol. This is why I rock with Lil B–dude really does as he pleases. Let’s see if this actually goes through though. I’m Gay as an album title might not roll with the retailers.

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Lil’ B- Illusions Of Grandeur (Video)

Once again, Lil’ B gets the visual treatment to go along with his latest project, Illusions Of Grandeur.

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Lil B – "Think I’m Basedgod" (Video)

Here’s Lil’ B’s latest video–yeah, it’s got the cooking dance.  Enjoy.

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Rockie Fresh- So Gone (Remix) Ft. Lil B

Here’s the official remix for Rockie Fresh “So Gone” featuring non other than Lil B.

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Lil B- Base For Your Face Ft. Jean Grae & Phonte (Prod. 9th Wonder)

The title says it all, “Base Fore Your Face”. Personally, I think this might be the strangest collaboration out right now with Lil B, Jean Grae & Phonte on the track and 9th Wonder responsible for production.

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New Lil’ B Freestyle

Here’s a new freestyle from Lil’ B courtesy of music news source Pitchfork as part of their ‘Selector’ series in which hip-hop artists are given the choice of two beats from which they select one and spit a verse over top of it.  In this installment of the series B chooses from Sufjan Stevens’ “I Walked” and Mimosa’s “Silver Lining”–watch the vid to see which he selects.

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Lil B Cooks Up 676 Song Mixtape and 1-On-1 Game With Kevin Durant

Lil B formerly of The Pack, the group responsible for the track “Vans”, went solo and has been going ham on anything and everything, including NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Lil B (or The Based God) just released 676 free tracks that equates to 47 albums, which can be downloaded in three different files. If you think making a mixtape that has 676 songs on it is ridiculous, then you’ll get a kick out of Lil B challenging Kevin Durant to a game of one on one. Now I’m not a bookie, but I would say good money’s on Durant. Lil B might get played out after the release of his 676 song mixtape Free Music, but don’t think he’s stopping there as the self proclaimed “Based God” is working to complete his debut album Angels’s Exodus. After a lengthy amount of trash talk, Kevin Durant has decided to accept the challenge from Lil B to play one on one. Hopefully we will see some footage of the Based God’s basketball beat down, and if not I’m sure Kevin Durant will share the results with us. Until we hear more from Lil B, which will likely be very soon, you can download Free Music below.

Free Music- 001
Free Music- 002
Free Music-003

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The Based God

(Photo courtesy of XXL)

Till now, I refrained from posting any Lil’ B, and this is for two reasons; I personally am not a fan of his music and everyone already hypes him up so much. I can guarantee that by The Music-Rx not posting Lil’ B until now, his cult following is still intact, and might grow more with this post. Here’s the rundown, Lil’ B formerly associated with The Pack, decided to branch off from the group, and hasn’t looked back since. The so called “Based God” has built a cult like following, that includes crazed men and women willing to give up their “loved ones” to engage in explicit sexual acts (fuck) Lil’ B. The cult following isn’t the only thing Lil’ B is gaining hype from, it could quite possibly be his obnoxious antics, lyrics, tweets and the internet. Yes tweets, The “Based God” received a lot of speculation after tweeting “If Kanye Doesn’t Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When I see him im going to fuck him in the ass.”. No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, he did indeed threaten to “rape” Kanye West. Regardless, he is an artist, and blowing up at that. Yesterday Lil’ B dropped four new videos from his Angels Exodus album. If you find yourself enjoying Lil’ B after this post, I take no credit for it, or your activity in his cult following.

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