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Review: Lil Wayne – ‘Tha Carter IV’ (Album)

During an interview in Amsterdam for the 2009 Carter documentary, Lil Wayne, obviously under the influence of plenty of syrup and good weed proclaimed, “To be an ultimate artist, I believe you have to be like me, I try to do everything . . . when you be lookin’ for a Lil Wayne album, you gonna be lookin’ for the best rap, the best singin’, the best songs . . . full of music, I want you to look for that, not just what you look for now . . . I’m re-creating the face of music period . . . that’s how I want to be, I do everything good.”  I was patiently waiting until the day when this would legitimately come true, and Weezy would release an album that hit on all aspects of music, not just rap. That day has yet to come, and Tha Carter IV is just simply good, not great.

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Review: The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’ (Mixtape)

In an era where mixtapes are a dime a dozen and usually thrown together without any true concept or appropriate progression, Abel Tesfay, better known as The Weeknd,  stunned the R&B game in late March with his debut mixtape House of Balloons. The 21-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter wasted no time dropping his next project Thursday. In clever fashion The Weeknd dropped an image for the mixtape Wednesday night, which set his fans into frenzy. All day fans just like me sat around patiently waiting for Thursday and when it dropped around 11pm that night The Weeknd’s website subsequently crashed. It stayed down for a considerable amount of time proving that he’s already gained a substantial following off of only one mixtape and co-signs from Drake. Read More

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Review: Kanye West & Jay-Z – ‘Watch The Throne’ (Album)

Have you ever anticipated an album so adamantly that when it dropped it could never live up to the pedestal you sat it on? I assumed that would be the case with Kanye and Hov’s Watch The Throne and I was undoubtedly wrong. The collaborative duo has not only produced an album worthy of buying, but has created a sound that can only move hip-hop further. Based off of pre-determined, biased mind-states, reviews of what the album would be have ranged from absolute bust to instant classic. But now after listening thru the album twice it is without a doubt the latter. With features from Beyonce to Oddfuture’s Frank Ocean, and production from RZA to the Neptunes, Watch The Throne brings hip-hop fans a truly comprehensive album that combines raw beats, thought-provoking songs and real rap.

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Record Review: Talib Kweli – ‘Gutter Rainbows’ (Album)

Well, it’s been four years since Talib Kweli’s Eardrum was unleashed upon the public and now it’s time for the world to experience Gutter Rainbows.  Digitally released on January 25, Gutter Rainbows features Kweli’s familiar keen, sharp verses along with an array of featured collaborators including Sean Price, Jean Grae, and Kendra Ross just to name a couple.

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Record Review: the Decemberists – ‘The King is Dead’ (Album)

The coming of the new year brings with it a host of ‘new’ items: new possibilities for the upcoming year, new resolutions to make then break, and apparently, a new album by the Decemberists.

In keeping with the ‘new’ theme, The King is Dead is fairly new unto itself.  The last album from the Decemberists, entitled The Hazards of Love, was rife with story and concept that drove the album from beginning to end.  The King is Dead, on the other hand, concerns itself less with story and concept, and more with simply making good music.  This contrast in musical tendency allows for each song on the The King is Dead to be great even whilst standing alone without a storyline to guide the listener.

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