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Ryan Adams – “Round and Round” (Ratt Cover)

For a guy who really enjoys concocting and recording covers Ryan Adams kind of went above and beyond for this one.  He has made a habit of releasing a bunch of ironic-ish covers from everyone from Iron Maiden to the Stooges to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but this version of Ratt’s “Round and Round” is really good enough to wind up on an LP.  Backed only by his own acoustic guitar playing, Adams turns this track into the same angsty listening experience he’s prided himself on for years.  Well done, sir.  Jump and enjoy.

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D’Angelo – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden Cover)

It’s been nearly eleven years since D’Angelo graced the world with Voodoo and if he’s not going to give us any hints about a new project, I suppose we’ll have to rely on demos and anything else of his that sneaks through the woodwork to get our D’Angelo fix.  Here’s a version of the Soundgarden rock anthem “Black Hole Sun” the soul virtuoso recorded a few years ago and let me say, it sounds absolutely nothing like the original.  Nothing.  Though, it remains strangely listenable.  Jump and enjoy.

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The xx – “Open Eyes” (Demo)

Yes, “Open Eyes” is only a (very) roughly cut demo, but it is still The xx, so it still manages to be better than most of what’s out there now.  This track is absolutely bare bones and when I say “bare bones” I mean there is pretty much no instrumentation on this one, only oh, so ambient vocals.  There’s not much here now but it’ll be nice to hear this track evolve into something more.  Jump and enjoy.

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M.I.A. – “27″

In the wake of Amy Winehouse’s recent death at the age of twenty-seven comes an actual tribute track from M.I.A. called “27″.  The track’s reportedly for all the members of the tragic “27 Club” comprised of a number of talented musicians who died at that age including Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, among others.  ”27′s” an unfinished demo that’s really a nice look back at some old-ish sounding M.I.A. material.  Jump and enjoy, children.

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White Stripes – “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” & “Signed D.C.”

The White Stripes and 2Pac really seem to have very little in common.  They definitely didn’t sound the same, they both come from different eras in music, and hell, one’s black and the other’s very, very white, but they do share one thing–the continual release of ‘new’ material after leaving the music scene and here’s a couple of unreleased tracks from the Stripes’ “Vault”: “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” (by Otis Redding) and “Signed D.C.” (by Love).  Hit the jump for a listen.

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Watch Radiohead Perform a New Track

Has Radiohead ever put out any bad material?  I’m pretty sure not.  Each album they record is as anticipated of a release as any other out there today and for good reason.  Their records always seem to push the ‘acceptable’ sonic boundaries of music just enough to not only create something no one has ever heard before, but to also change the status quo of the musical scene.  The guys of Radiohead are as much musical visionaries as you will find anywhere these days, so I always love getting my hands on any and all new material they release like this dark, brooding track, “Staircase”, performed live for their appearance on the From the Basement series (set to air July 1).  Also, if I’m not mistaken, it looks like they’ve got a little percussion help from Portishead/Robert Plant drummer Clive Deamer.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

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James Blake – “Give a Man a Rod (Second Version)”

Here’s another track from everybody’s new-favorite dub-stepper James Blake called “Give a Man a Rod (Second Version)”.  I believe it’s from a compilation of older tracks from Blake’s previous record label (more to come on this in the future).  Take a listen–jump and enjoy.

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Death Cab for Cutie – “Underneath the Sycamores”

Here’s a B-side from Death Cab a few days away from the release of their newest effort, Codes and Keys, on May 31.  I really can’t say how everyone’s going to feel about this track but I do like it– can’t really put my finger on why, though; it just pleases my ear drums.  Jump and enjoy.

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J. Cole – “True Love” (Unreleased)

While browsing East Exclusives I stumbled upon this unreleased J. Cole track. The first line of the article read “If your a true J. Cole fan then you would know what before his name was J. Cole, he wen’t by the name TheRapist.” and just like that an egg of knowledge was cracked on my head. This track is just impressive, especially for a sixteen-year old; find out for yourself below.

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Biggie at KMEL Summer Jam (1995)

Vintage footage of Biggie performing “Warning” in San Francisco back in ’95. Footage like this makes me wish I had the chance to hit up a Biggie concert. You can hit the jump for footage of Biggie tossing a bottle at DJ Kap at the same show and a quote from Kap about the situation.
(via Fader)

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