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The Hives – “Go Right Ahead”

Imagine, if you will, the grittiness of the Vines blended in with Jet’s pop sensibility, then rewind thirty years.  What you’ll be left with is the Hives’ “Go Right Ahead”.  It’s as hooky as a rock song can be these days and it only lasts for what seems like a moment, but it’s sure to get you stomping your feet.  Hit the jump to stream the new single.  Enjoy.

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Deportees – “A New Name to Go By” (feat. Lykke Li)

Who doesn’t like island music?  Everybody has that one trip to the Bahamas where you remember weaving a few beads into your hair and getting completely tanked listening to oil drums and thinking to yourself “wow, now I know what it feels like to live in the Bahamas”.  And if this track doesn’t take you back to that (kind of sad) moment, nothing will…except, maybe, a bunch of rum–I mean, hell, it got you there before.  Anyway, Deportees’ “A New Name to Go By” really reminds me of that Sandals commercial, but in the best way possible.  Lykke Li’s vocals sound exactly what I imagine angels singing would sound like and I almost forgot, the oil drums.  The oil drums!  Jump and give it a listen.

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Beach House – “Myth”

Here’s the newest effort from Beach House called “Myth”, a track I’m kind of assuming off their rumored upcoming LP, Bloom.  This track’s absolutely drenched in reverb and delayed guitar effects but it’s none too distracting.  Somehow, volume swells just translate into sentimentality.  Jump and enjoy.

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s / s / s – “Museum Day”

Since the indie world got wind of s / s / s (Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti, and Son Lux), it’s been quite abuzz.  Personally, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I know Sufjan likes to experiment, though, so I figured we’d get something at least a little artsy, and as it turns out, I was absolutely correct.  On “Museum Day” Sufjan goes completely auto-tune, Serengeti softly spits some pointed rhymes, and Son Lux’s beats are solid (as always).  I can’t wait to get my hands on their Beak & Claw EP (due out March 20).  Hit the jump for the track stream.

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Norah Jones – “Happy Pills”

Is Danger Mouse capable of producing a below par track?  It seems like every project he touches turns to gold (or platinum), so I think it’s pretty fitting he’s teaming up with Norah Jones.  She’s also incapable of musical failure.  Just look at everything she’s ever released and the thousands upon thousands of people that keep buying it.  “Happy Pills” has a little bit of a different sound than you might be used to Norah Jones putting out but I guarantee it’ll be a radio staple.  Jump and enjoy.

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James Blake – “Left & Right (Harmonimix Remix)” (D’Angelo Cover)

I absolutely love it when two of my favorite artists come together for remixes.  D’Angelo’s Voodoo was one of the best R&B records of the last twenty years.  Each track was a little piece of grooveable, soul and hearing it reworked by one of the best in the business today is just plain wonderful.  Here’s James Blake’s remix of D’Angelo’s “Left & Right” under his Harmonimix moniker.  Jump and enjoy.

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Jack White – “Love Interruption”

It’s been a long time coming, but now we have the first material from Jack White’s solo debut and it’s not bad.  “Love Interruption” definitely has a White Stripes sound at times but don’t let that affect your judgment.  There’s just something so familiar and comfortable about Jack’s vocals on top of the organ parts on this one that makes this track hard to dislike.  The rest of the album (Blunderbuss) is due to come out sometime this April and I’m anxious to give it a listen.  Jump and enjoy.

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First Aid Kit – “King of the World” (feat. Conor Oberst)

You know what every Monday morning needs?  D’you guess Swedish music?  Well, here’s some even if you didn’t.  First Aid Kit’s been gaining momentum these past years and here’s the grand result.  “King of the World” is an upbeat, pop-stomper that’ll be stuck in your dome all day.  And there’s a guest spot from the venerable indie icon Conor Oberst, so that’s pretty cool, I guess…  Jump and enjoy.

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Andrew Bird – “Eyeoneye”

Andrew Bird’s newest album, Break It Yourself, comes out March 6 and here’s its lead single, “Eyeoneye”.  It’s a pretty solid track recorded in an oh, so Andrew Bird manner–in his barn.  Yes, children, Break It Yourself‘s another barn album, so get ready for some sweet acoustics.  Oh, and by the way, any one that buys a ticket to see the Birdman live gets a code to download the album for free, so I might jump on that.  Enjoy.

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The Shins – “Simple Song”

It’s been four years since the Shins have put out a record and on March 20, they’ll be filling the void with an absolutely star-studded Port of Morrow.  But, if you just can’t wait, here’s the LP’s first single, “Simple Song”.  It’s sort of a snapshot of the band as they were a decade ago with a bunch of ooh’s and aah’s and an enormous, sing-song hook smack dab in the middle of the chorus.  I approve.  Jump and enjoy.

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