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EriQ LaRon – “Mother’s Kitchen” (Feat. Holy) (Video)

Cleveland based musical artist EriQ LaRon came onto the scene strong this summer with the release of his LP All Kinds featuring exclusive production by Rio The Mechanic.   ”Mother’s Kitchen” is the first video from the LP and features guest vocals from fellow Cleveland emcee Holy, of the hip-hop group Keyel.  The video was shot and directed by Young Trap God. Be on the lookout for more from EriQ LaRon in 2014.  If you haven’t heard All Kinds check it out here for the free download.

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Bo Dean – #DrumGangMashUp (Video)

Bo Dean Drum Gang MashUp St. Louis hip-hop artist Bo Dean released the music video for his song #DrumGangMashUp. Those who follow Bo know his last project, the #MashUp, is filled with raw flows over industry and original beats that are mashed together in a way that allow Bo to really show of his talent. The music video keeps the mashup theme going by throwing in BOcumentary style interviews between verses and beat switch ups. Watch for yourself below and listen to the entire #MashUp at

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Bo Dean feat. Journii Walker – ‘Fly Hiigh’ (Video)

Bo Dean drops visuals for his heartfelt single “Fly Hiigh” featuring smooth vocals from Journii Walker. The song reminds us to stay positive even in the worst of times. Can’t wait to hear more from this dude!

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Hystory – ‘Bumpin In My Ride’ (Video)

St. Louis rapper Hystory performs “Bumpin In My Ride” off his upcoming mixtape “Papers N Pipes” dropping on April 20th! Hystory has been dropping music videos and episodes of his THC TV series weekly, so go back and catch up! Skeeoow!

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Chairlift – “Met Before” (Video)

The idea of an ‘interactive’ music video almost sounds too good to be true.  A bunch of artists have tried to pull off with varying levels of success, but they all pale in comparison to Chairlift’s “Met Before”.  The flow of the interaction (i.e. the choices you can make) are absolutely seamless.  There’s no jumping around or glitching/lagging between scenes.  Hell, the music doesn’t even bump along.  It’s as flawless of an interactive video as I’ve seen yet.  Oh, and the track’s kind of a head nodder, too.  Jump and enjoy.

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Grimes – “Oblivion” (Video)

There is something about a music video that is able to really surprise you.  I think it would be easy to dismiss this video based upon the idea alone–lip-syncing during a Motocross rally.  But, dismissing the visuals for Grimes’ “Oblivion” would definitely be a mistake.  The ambiance of the track really juxtaposes nicely with the amount of chaos and action around her.  She’s like Lily Allen meets Avril Lavigne in the best way.  Give this one watch, it’s very enjoyable.

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Odd Future – “NY (Ned Flanders)” (feat. Hodgy Beats) (Video)

There’s not much I can say about this video that the still-shot above isn’t already screaming.  Tyler plays a digitally-enhanced rapping baby and Hodgy Beats is really just hanging out.  Actually, this is really tame compared to what these guys usually turn out.  Jump and enjoy.

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Nite Jewel – “One Second of Love” (Video)

All house parties should be exactly like this.  There is dance sequences, a guy dressed like a goat, and women regurgitating chocolate and an octopus.  Actually, come to think of it, Nite Jewel’s “One Second of Love” video really kind of reminds me of college.  At least, I’ve thrown some stuff up before that looked just like what these ladies puke up.  This really brings back the memories.  Oh, I almost forgot–the track’s actually pretty good, too.  Very danceable.  Jump and enjoy.

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The Shins – “Bail and Switch” (Video)

You know when bare bones, strictly performance music videos go out of style?  Never.  That’s why I approve of this one.  The Shins’ ‘performance’ was crisply shot and “Bail and Switch” is a rocking enough to track to keep you hanging in there.  Seems I’m really starting to like Port of Sorrow… These visuals also kind of remind me of Death Cab’s ‘Halls of Justice’ video performance series, in a good way (follow the in text link).  Jump and enjoy, children.

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Childish Gambino – “Heartbeat” (Video)

Childish Gambino’s not known for releasing awesome music videos and sadly, this one’s nothing particularly special, but I’ve got a special place in my heart for Mr. Glover.  As far as I’m concerned he’s one of the funniest and most talented MCs out there right now, so here are the visuals for “Heartbeat”, a smart ‘almost’ club-banger.  Jump and enjoy.

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