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Review: Kanye West & Jay-Z – ‘Watch The Throne’ (Album)

Have you ever anticipated an album so adamantly that when it dropped it could never live up to the pedestal you sat it on? I assumed that would be the case with Kanye and Hov’s Watch The Throne and I was undoubtedly wrong. The collaborative duo has not only produced an album worthy of buying, but has created a sound that can only move hip-hop further. Based off of pre-determined, biased mind-states, reviews of what the album would be have ranged from absolute bust to instant classic. But now after listening thru the album twice it is without a doubt the latter. With features from Beyonce to Oddfuture’s Frank Ocean, and production from RZA to the Neptunes, Watch The Throne brings hip-hop fans a truly comprehensive album that combines raw beats, thought-provoking songs and real rap.

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Listen to New LPs from Kaiser Chiefs, Deadbeat & Milk Maid

There’s a new lineup of new and soon-to-be-released albums to listen to in 3VOOR12′s Luisterpaal section including offerings from indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs (The Future Is Medieval, June 27), electro-specialist Deadbeat (Drawn and Quartered), and lo-fi distortionists Milk Maid (Yucca).  If you want to give any of these a listen or any of the many other records at 3VOOR12 for FREE hit the jump below for links.  Enjoy (I know I will).

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Stream the New Bon Iver LP

It’s almost time for Bon Iver’s self-titled record to hit stores (June 21) but if you’re in a hurry to hear what all the hype’s about (and you should be because it’s fucking amazing) you can listen to it in its entirety right after the jump via NPR.  This is seriously a treat because this album is honestly really, really good–so much better than I was expecting/hoping for.  Do yourself a favor and hit the jump.  Thank me later.

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Listen to New LPs from When Saints Go Machine, Jonas David & Tom Vek

I love 3VOOR12 a little more each day.  Their “Luisterpaal” section is regularly stocked with the newest records (and some that haven’t even been released yet) for the public’s listening pleasure and this week’s no exception.  Among the new LP lineup is Jonas David’s Keep The Times, Tom Vek’s Leisure Seizure, and my personal favorite, When Saints Go Machine’s Konkylie.  Hit the jump for listening links–enjoy.

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Listen to New LPs from Arctic Monkeys, Seasick Steve and Eddie Vedder

Another round of highly anticipated records are being released soon and courtesy of 3VOOR12, you can give a good many of them a listen before they find their way onto store shelves.  Hit the jump to check out new LPs from indie rockers Arctic Monkeys (Suck It and See, June 5), bluesman Seasick Steve (You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks), and Eddie Vedder (Ukelele Songs, May 31) among a bunch of others.  Enjoy.

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Listen to New LPs from Death Cab, Cults and My Morning Jacket

The coming weeks will be witness to a few highly anticipated records for the music industry.  On May 31, Death Cab for Cutie (Codes and Keys) and My Morning Jacket (Circuital) will release new records and on June 7, Cults self-titled debut album is set to be released, and you can listen to them right now before their official release over at NPR.  Hit the jump for the links.

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Matthewdavid – ‘A Blue Tape’

There’s something about ambient, dreamy sounds that really gets my motor running (metaphorically).  The tones employed by Matthewdavid on A Blue Tape are a combination of lo-fi and drone and they seem to give the audio an almost lifelike quality, that is the music tends to feel alive.  This stuff’s perfect for a nice, peaceful rainy day I’d say.  Hit the jump and enjoy (the download’s available, too).  (Thanks to Mostly Junkfood)

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Listen to Destroyer – ‘Kaputt’ (LP)

This record just popped up over in 3VOOR12′s Luisterpaal section and with good reason–it’s pretty solid (though it should be noted that it is not a particularly new release).  With Kaputt, Destroyer drops layers and layers of sonic elements on top of each other ranging from 80′s sounds and stretching up to tones from more modern days.  Each track seems to start off in one musical direction, then without much warning, an entirely different musical journey begins.  The vocals work–the vocalist hisses so so so much like Billy Corgan but he makes it work.  Honestly, the entire record sounds like something that you’d hear on the Love Boat but I think that’s sort of what makes it so awesome.  Jump to listen to the whole thing.

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Bon Iver – “Calgary”

“Calgary” is the first single from Bon Iver’s next self-titled record due out June 21 and it’s available below to download (with e-mail confirmation) or listen to.  Gotta say, I’m always impressed with Justin Vernon’s stuff and this track does nothing to disappoint–it really has its moments of power.  Jump and enjoy, children.

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Listen to Moby’s New LP – ‘Destroyed’

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to listen to any new Moby material but here’s some more.  Care of our friends at 3VOOR12, you can listen to Moby’s new record, Destroyed, in its entirety before it’s released to the public on May 16.  I’ll be honest, I’m usually a little on/off with Moby, that is the stuff I like from him I really like and the stuff I don’t, I really, really dislike.  That being said, I do like Destroyed and I recommend giving it a listen–let’s be honest, music’s not really the same without Moby on the scene.  The link’s after the jump.  Enjoy.

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