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King Vada, a musical artist from Columbus, OH recently released his new EP entitled Flwr$ Before I Go.  For the production on his five track EP, King Vada looked to Twizz (of the hip-hop group Keyel) and Corey Grand, two fellow Ohioans from nearby Cleveland.  This is a tape you don’t want to miss. Check here for the free download.

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Smoke Noises – Smoke Noises (EP)

alloy ghost

Cleveland based musical artists Smoke Screen and Ghost Noises have teamed up to form the super group Smoke Noises to bless us with their first LP via Alloy-X the self-titled, Smoke Noises.  With rhymes from Smoke Screen (Mooke and Chemist) and Ghost Noises this tape is full of lyrical madness for your listening pleasure.   Featuring stellar production by fellow Alloy-X artists and friends such as Urbindex, Hokes, LukeOutTherezQuizzy and more, along with the in-house fire beats of Broken Keys (Chemist of Smoke Screen) and Ghost Noises, the Smoke Noises LP has the repertoire to satisfy your musical needs –> download/stream it here. Check out their video for their first single entitled “2000 Pounds” below.

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Frightened Rabbit – ‘A Frightened Rabbit EP’

This one slipped through the woodwork on me and I want to apologize for that because 1.) I love anything and everything Frightened Rabbit and 2.) it’s actually a pretty solid release.  Frightened Rabbit’s A Frightened Rabbit EP has a total of three tracks (all of which are available to listen to after the jump) including a couple I believe may end up on their next LP.  “Scottish Winds” and “Fuck This Place” just sound oh, so Frightened Rabbit.  You know what I mean?  Hit the jump and give it a listen.

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Listen to New Albums from Andrew Bird, Morning Parade & Bright Moments

Fixing for a listen to some albums that haven’t hit store shelves yet?  Head on over to 3voor12′s Luisterpaal (I know it sounds funny, but they’re Dutch) section and listen to a bunch of new releases including some of my favorites so far: Andrew Bird’s Break It Yourself (out March 6), Morning Parade’s self-titled release (out March 5), and Bright Moments’ Natives (which is probably my favorite of the three, if you were wondering).  Links are after the jump.  Enjoy.

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Listen to & Download the Weeknd’s ‘Echoes of Silence’

The Weeknd’s last two releases, House of Balloons and Thursday, were pretty big hits in the indie music world and Echoes of Silence is primed to continue the tradition.  The nine-track record offers more of The Weeknd’s typical smooth R&B stylings that are sure to make some panties drop, plus there’s a pretty nice cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”.  Oh, I forgot–it’s available to listen to or download for FREE after the jump.  Enjoy, children.

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Listen to New Black Keys LP, ‘El Camino’

On December 6 the Black Keys are set to release their new LP El Camino to the world but if you just can’t wait to give it a listen, hop on over to 3VOOR12′s Luisterpaal section to hear it for free.  I admit I’ve long been a fan of the bluesy Black Keys, but this really is a solid record.  It may be even better than Brothers, too…  Jump and give it a listen.

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Okkervil River – “It Is So Nice to Get Stoned” (Ted Lucas Cover)

A couple of days ago, Okkervil River released a mini-LP of covers called Golden Opportunities 2.  The five-track record has a few re-imagined songs from a host of classic songwriters such as Ted Lucas, Jim Sullivan, and the Triffids just to name a few, and oh, I forgot to mention, the band’s giving the damn thing away in its entirety for free over at their website.  So, yeah, that’s pretty cool.  Okkervil’s rehashed version of Ted Lucas’s “It Is So Nice to Get Stoned” is available for you to listen to after the jump.  Enjoy.

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The Horse Thieves – ‘Outlaw Ballads’ & ‘Valley of Decisions’ (Debut and Sophomore LPs)

A few days ago, country/Americana specialists the Horse Thieves achieved something of a peculiar milestone by releasing their debut record the same day as their follow-up effort.  The ‘debut’ LP, Outlaw Ballads, sounds very much like an edgy progressive country effort that Ryan Adams (circa Demolition) would be proud of.  The guitars chunk along on top of stomping rhythm parts and the vocals ooze emotion, while their ‘sophomore’ record, Valley of Decisions, has a decidedly different, more sophisticated vibe.  The rhythm parts roll along nicely and the guitars have a vast, expansive sound that is more reminiscent of U2 or old school Coldplay than any country act I’ve ever heard.  Hit the jump to listen to both LPs in their entirety.

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Death Cab for Cutie – “Doors Unlocked and Open (Cut Copy Remix)”

This past May, Death Cab for Cutie released Codes and Keys and the world got another long overdue dose of that certain DCFC songwriting magic, and on November 22 we’ll be treated to another release from the group.  The Keys and Codes Remix EP is a collection of seven tracks from their most recent release reworked and rehashed by a host of familiar names.  The track after the jump available to stream is “Doors Unlocked and Open” remixed by new-wave dance guru Cut Copy, and if you like what you hear and you just can’t wait until November for the rest of the release, a new track is set to be released each Monday leading up to the release date.  Jump and enjoy, children.

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Review: Lil Wayne – ‘Tha Carter IV’ (Album)

During an interview in Amsterdam for the 2009 Carter documentary, Lil Wayne, obviously under the influence of plenty of syrup and good weed proclaimed, “To be an ultimate artist, I believe you have to be like me, I try to do everything . . . when you be lookin’ for a Lil Wayne album, you gonna be lookin’ for the best rap, the best singin’, the best songs . . . full of music, I want you to look for that, not just what you look for now . . . I’m re-creating the face of music period . . . that’s how I want to be, I do everything good.”  I was patiently waiting until the day when this would legitimately come true, and Weezy would release an album that hit on all aspects of music, not just rap. That day has yet to come, and Tha Carter IV is just simply good, not great.

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