Alloy-X Vol. 1


Since the experimental electronic/hip hop record label Alloy-X went public in September 2012, they’ve managed to build an arsenal of nine artists from all over the U.S. as well as release several top notch singles. Today Alloy-X released “Alloy-X Vol. 1″  the first installment of their compilation albums. This project is made up of eleven previously unreleased songs from eleven various artists. It’s hard to tell that a record label such as Alloy-X has only been around four months, but with the artists on their roster and the noise they’ve made already, it’s only a matter of time before Alloy-X becomes a household name. Hit the jump to stream/download.

1. Woah… – A/V
2. Djembe – Young Lil Boy X Urbindex
3. Talkin’ Love – LukeOutThere
4. Oops All Berries – Smoke Screen X Ghost Noises
5. Cooler Convo – Hazey Dope
6. Demote Control – Broken Keys
7. 007 – Young Lil Boy
8. FaceTime – Mellow
9. Well Deserved – Hokes
10. Abracadabra – Urbindex
11. Holy Roadie – Ghost Noises

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