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Arms – “Heat & Hot Water”

I’m really starting to get used to inherently folk/rock bands injecting their sounds with a tempered taste of modern production techniques.  When executed effectively, the end result is almost always a very listenable track like “Heat & Hot Water”Arms is an indie/folksy/shoegaze conglomeration that’s the brainchild of songwriter Todd Goldstein.  Summer Skills was independently released by Arms last month and much to my joy, I stumbled upon it during one of my wanderings around the online indie music world, and now I can bring you one of the record’s standout tracks.  Jump and enjoy (then, fall in love–I did).

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Karin Dreijer Andersson – “No Face”

Since the tragic typhoon earlier this year in Japan, a number of humanitarian projects from all walks of life have popped up to show their support and one of the most recent efforts is the compilation LP, We Are the Works In Progress, set to benefit the Japan Society and Architecture for Humanity Japan.  A few of the tracks have popped up recently and here’s the most recent, “No Face” by Karin Dreijer Andersson (the Knife, Fever Ray).  It’s a seven-minute version of a song originally written for an Ingmar Bergman production (if you know who Ingmar Bergman is, go ahead and pat yourself on the back–you’re winning) that sounds at times a little bit like what I would imagine a robot sounds like mid-seizure…  Jump and enjoy.

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Watch the Flaming Lips Cover the Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus”

Not too long ago, the Flaming Lips recorded a cover of the Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus” in preparation for their upcoming Freakout #5 in their hometown of Oklahoma City, OK where they will perform with Sean Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band and strangely enough, they came up with one of their most straight-forward, tame efforts ever, I’d say.  In this live studio version of the track, the Lips utilize their typically experimental sound but the finished product is really just a pretty true-to-the-original cover of one of rock and roll’s most classic tracks.  I swear if you listen to it with your eyes closed, it becomes passable as a bootlegged live Beatles track.  Jump and enjoy.

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Lana Del Rey – “YAYO”

I guess I should apologize for the recent flux of Lana Del Rey posts but I kind of like her, so deal with it.  Here’s another track called “YAYO” reportedly off her upcoming record.  I can’t say for sure if it’s really going to make the final cut since it’s been around since 2009 but it has a nice vintage jazz songstress feel that’s pretty fucking listenable.  Jump and enjoy (I know I did).

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The xx – “Open Eyes” (Demo)

Yes, “Open Eyes” is only a (very) roughly cut demo, but it is still The xx, so it still manages to be better than most of what’s out there now.  This track is absolutely bare bones and when I say “bare bones” I mean there is pretty much no instrumentation on this one, only oh, so ambient vocals.  There’s not much here now but it’ll be nice to hear this track evolve into something more.  Jump and enjoy.

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Listen to & Download the Weeknd’s ‘Echoes of Silence’

The Weeknd’s last two releases, House of Balloons and Thursday, were pretty big hits in the indie music world and Echoes of Silence is primed to continue the tradition.  The nine-track record offers more of The Weeknd’s typical smooth R&B stylings that are sure to make some panties drop, plus there’s a pretty nice cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”.  Oh, I forgot–it’s available to listen to or download for FREE after the jump.  Enjoy, children.

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Lana Del Rey – “Off to the Races”

What I am assuming to be the official audio for Lana Del Rey’s next single, “Off to the Races”, is an interesting enterprise that really sounds very unique unto itself.  The track seemingly blends every popular music genre of the last twenty years into one five minute effort.  By the way, the visuals are let’s say “interesting”.  There’s lots of clips of women shooting the shit out of men intertwined with a very peculiar South Florida-ish montage.  Sound weird?  Well, it kind of is but it’s still very listenable.  Jump and enjoy.

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James Blake – “A Case of You” (Video)

Here’s the latest video from James Blake for his cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” off his Enough Thunder EP.  Besides this just being a plain, pretty song to listen to, the video has actress Rebecca Hall lending her talents to the screen.  I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this one other than it’s just a solid effort that definitely merits a watch.  Enjoy.

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Feist – “How Come You Never Go There (Beck Remix)”

This track’s been making it rounds throughout the blogosphere this week and though I was skeptical, does so with good reason.  Beck’s always been known as a sonic experimenter and he summoned every bit of his imagination for this one.  He transforms Feist’s jazzy, soulful “How Come You Never Go There” into an electronic, head-nodding masterpiece.  Beck throws seemingly every piece of digital know-how he’s got at it and Feist’s sultry vocal performance still shows through.  Bravo, Beck.  Jump and enjoy.

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Thieving Irons – “So Long” (Video)

I’m not really sure how much I actually like this track but I really, really enjoy this video.  Though, I should admit I really have no idea why.  I think there’s probably some socially-symbolic value seeing that many people underwater at the same time that colors me intrigued or maybe it’s just seeing the guy enjoying a cigarette under the sea.  Hit the jump and give it a watch–it’s definitely something to talk about.

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