Keyel – CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS (Mixtape)

The highly anticipated release of Keyel’s latest project CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS is here. On Friday October 28th Cleveland hip-hop trio known as Keyel (Holy, PS/Pablo Amor, Twizz and Eso on the tables) released their 6th and possibly most anticipated project in CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS. Everything you could ask for and more can be found on this mixtape, so do yourself a favor and hit the jump for tracklist and download.

01 Intro
02 Beats+Raps
03 My Way
04 Christmas Special
05 Freakon
06 Stack
07 ThreeSeas
08 RapGames (Monday+)

Download: Keyel - CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS (Mixtape) [Via Bandcamp]

Download: Keyel - CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS (Mixtape) [Via Mediafire]

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