CyHi The Prynce – ‘Jack Of All Trades’ (Mixtape)

CyHi’s newest mixtape that dropped yesterday. I honestly believe this man can go verse for verse with any rapper in the game, but is mad underrated. Get familiar with the Jack Of All Trades. Tracklist/Download after the jump..

  • 1.CyHi The Prynce-Jack Of All Trades
  • 2.CyHi The Prynce-Assassin
  • 3.CyHi The Prynce-Artist
  • 4.CyHi The Prynce-Farmer
  • 5.CyHi The Prynce-Robber Interlude
  • 6.CyHi The Prynce-Blacksmith
  • 7.CyHi The Prynce-Carpenter
  • 8.CyHi The Prynce-Teach-Her
  • 9.CyHi The Prynce-Jack Interlude
  • 10.CyHi The Prynce-Motivator
  • 11.CyHi The Prynce-Hunter
  • 12.CyHi The Prynce-Historian
  • 13.CyHi The Prynce-The Heist Interlude
  • 14.CyHi The Prynce-The Messenger
  • 15.CyHi The Prynce-Ambassador
  • 16.CyHi The Prynce-Charmer
  • 17.CyHi The Prynce-Preacher
  • 18.CyHi The Prynce-Musician
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