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Curren$y (feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy) – “Still” (Video)

Tuesday, June 28, was the release of Curren$y’s album Weekend At Burnie’s and if you purchased it or had the chance to listen to it somehow, then you will be familiar with “Still”. Thisis50 presents the video to Curren$y’s track “Still” featuring Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy. Do your part and purchase Weekend At Burnie’s now!

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Of Montreal – “L’Age D’or” (Video)

Here’s a new video from Of Montreal for their track “L’Age D’or” off their new thecontrollersphere EP.  It’s a glammed-out, half funky-half sexy effort with whispery vocals that are quite reminiscent of the venerable Lou Reed.  I’m not really seeing the connection between the lyrical content and the video’s visuals but it’s certainly a colorful set of images.  Plus, if you look closely there’s a nice set of boobs, so that’s something.  Hit the jump and enjoy.

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When Saints Go Machine – “Parix”

When Saints Go Machine is easily one of my favorite bands of the year, thus far.  For those of you not in the know, allow me to educate you a little.  WSGM is a funky electronic music-making machine hailing from the musical wonderland of Denmark.  Their newest record Konkylie is a veritable sonic kaleidoscope that is (to put it simply) pretty fucking solid and here’s a track from it called “Parix”, a sleek, hip track that I promise will get stuck in your head (but in a good way).  Hit the jump and give it a listen.

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Light Asylum – “A Certain Person” (Video)

Here’s a new video from electro dark wave artist Light Asylum (aka Shannon Funchess) for her vintage-80′s sounding track, “A Certain Person”.  The video, shot by filmmaker Eden Batki, captures the band on both a performance level and a personal level and it does so quite well if I do say so myself; it’s really a nice balance of raw and clean editing.  Hit the jump to check it out.  By the way, tell me Shannon does not look a whole lot like Grace Jones

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Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” (Video)

I posted the single to this track not too long ago and now, Coldplay’s releasing the video for “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”.  There’s a lot of stop-motion in this one and a whole hell of a lot of color.  I know that’s not a lot of detail to work with but check it out–will it go down as one of the more creative videos of the year?  No, but the track’s not too shabby.  Jump and enjoy.

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Fresh Artist Series – Dread

Well Summer’s here in full force so what better time for another installment of the Music RX’s Fresh Artist Series?  This time the highlighted artist is Dread, a 20 year-old California native who’s trying to watch his career take flight one fan at a time.  His last effort, The Creativity LP, got his foot in the door and his next project Crayons aims to break the whole damn door down and he’s going to bring the entire Flight League with him.  Now here’s a little more about this up and comer straight from his own mouth.  Enjoy.

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Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah (feat. Smoke DZA & Chance Infinite) – “Keep It Warm For Ya” (Video)

This is the final song off Freddie Gibbs and Statik Selktah’s recently recorded and released Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away EP. This track is called “Keep It Warm For Ya” and it now has some visuals to accompany it. Gibbs and Selektah couldn’t do this track without the help of Smoke DZA and Chance Infinite. Be sure to cop Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away EP on iTunes now.

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Rapsody (feat. Big K.R.I.T.) – “So Be It” (Prod. 9th Wonder)

If you take anything myself and the writing staff say seriously, then make a point to hear me out on this post. Lately in the hip hop scene, several names have been buzzing but one in particular, and that’s Rapsody. Why is she buzzing you might wonder- well she certainly has her own sound and style and that’s the most important thing in separating yourself from others. Of course one other thing does fall into play unfortunately and that’s her sex. Yes, Rapsody is a female, so either get over it or move on. Sure in the many years of the existence of hip hop many female mc’s have came and gone but in this case were talking about someone just making an appearance. I can speak for Rapsody when I say she intends to do more than just make an appearance in this industry and she’s doing just that.  Now for the material in this post, which contains a highlight track off her latest drop Thank H.E.R. Now. This song features Big K.R.I.T. and production from 9th Wonder.

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Shawn Chrystopher – “Five Letter Word” (Video)

Alas, some more visuals from the homie Shawn Chrystopher. It’s been awhile since Shawn has graced us with a new music video, but that all changes here with a video to “Five Letter Word”.

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Tranzformer (feat. Alex Styles & Casey Veggies) – “Cool Luv”

After nearly passing up this song for the second time in tonight on 2dopeboyz, I finally decided to give it a listen, and I must say I’m thoroughly satisfied. What reeled me in first off was the Casey Veggies feature but sure enough once I pressed play and heard the beat drop I instantly fell in love. In case you didn’t know I’m a sucker for dope beats, and this beat is classified as dope. The scoop on this track I was able to get from 2dopeboyz stated that Tranzformer is set to drop his project Raw & Homemade. For those of you that have been longtime fans of Tranzformer then this track should make you happy as it’s the first leak off his upcoming project and features Casey Veggies and Alex Styles.

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