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Bikini – “ACheerlaeder” (Video)

Here’s a new video from synthy/electro-pop band Bikini for their track, “ACheerlaeder”.  There’s definitely a whole lot of rich-teenage angst in this video–it’s very R.J. Berger, and there’s even a few nice shots of a young, naked woman draped across what appears to be an assortment of phonebooks.  Jump and give it a watch, the vid (and the track, for that matter) isn’t too shabby.

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Listen to New LPs from Arctic Monkeys, Seasick Steve and Eddie Vedder

Another round of highly anticipated records are being released soon and courtesy of 3VOOR12, you can give a good many of them a listen before they find their way onto store shelves.  Hit the jump to check out new LPs from indie rockers Arctic Monkeys (Suck It and See, June 5), bluesman Seasick Steve (You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks), and Eddie Vedder (Ukelele Songs, May 31) among a bunch of others.  Enjoy.

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Crosby, Nash & Young – “Party in the U.S.A.” (Live on Fallon)

Ok, this is pretty cool.  The timeless David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Neil Young were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently and they busted out a fairly unusual cover (at least for them).  With acoustic guitars and sublime vocal harmonies, the trio played a toned down version of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.” Sound strange?  Well, it sort of is, but you know what?  It works in an equally as strange way.  Jump and check it out.

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Memorial Day Post: Jimi Hendrix – “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Happy Memorial Day everyone, I hope you’re all grilling out with your loved ones and celebrating America by getting as tanked as possible.  It’s days like this one when I’m celebrating the country I love that I’m reminded of one of those all so incredibly American people whose identity as a patriot often gets taken for granted–Jimi Hendrix.  During his time and for decades after, Jimi Hendrix has been the face of American music.  His records are timeless, his music was totally unique unto itself, and his image was intimately his own.  Jimi Hendrix is the true American musical artist; hit the jump to check out James Marshall Hendrix performing a most spirited version of Francis Scott Keys’ “The Star-Spangled Banner”, then go toss a few cold ones back and stumble around with some sparklers for me (and America).  Enjoy.

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Young Jeezy – ‘The Real is Back’

Jeezy and DJ Drama finally linked up again to drop another classic. This mixtape just solidified that TM103 is dropping this summer and it knocks! Get hyped, lol. Check the jump for the download via UHTN.

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Weezer – “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead Cover)

I think it really takes balls to cover any Radiohead song–I mean enormous fucking ca-hones, particularly when it’s as famous a song as “Paranoid Android”.  Musically, Weezer pretty much nails it.  All the instrumentation’s there including those precious soaring uber-distorted guitars; the only real qualm I have with this performance are River Cuomo’s vocals–they just can’t ever quite replace Thom Yorke’s presence.  Jump and check this one out.

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Death Cab for Cutie – “Title and Registration” (Live on Vh1 Storytellers)

You’ve gotta love Vh1′s Storytellers.  It’s always nice to hear the artists’ perspective on their own tunes and since Storytellers has kicked into gear again recently, we’ve gotten to pick the brains of some of the brighter minds on the music scene these days like the always great, Death Cab for Cutie, who recently graced the Storytellers stage to perform some material from their newest release, Codes and Keys, and a few classic tracks.  Hit the jump to check out a cool version of “Title and Registration” (from 2003′s Transatlanticism)–enjoy.

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Kanye West at the Mawazine Festival

Here’s some footage of Kanye performing at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco. In the video up top, he performs “Love Lockdown” and “Good Life”. Hit the jump for more footage of the performance.

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Mr. Little Jeans – “The Suburbs” (Arcade Fire Cover)

Here’s a little electronic ditty for your listening pleasure this weekend courtesy of Mr. Little Jeans (who is not actually a mister).  This is an almost haunting cover of Arcade Fire’s track, “The Suburbs”.  The vocals are sultry and sexy; there’s just the right amount of production–this one grooves.  I’m really hoping to get my hands on some more Mr. Little Jeans material.  Jump and check it, you won’t be disappointed.  P.S. I think I’ve just found my latest indie crush.  (Thanks to In Audio We Trust)

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Justice – “Civilization” (Video)

Here’s a new video from Justice for the title-track of their last album, Civilization.  If you’re into chaos, big things, and a little bit of irony, this video’s definitely for you.  Many notable monuments from around the world (including Mt. Rushmore, Stonehenge, Christ the Redeemer, etc.) come tumbling down, down, down to the ground.  Check it out; I like it.  Jump and enjoy.

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