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It’s with great pleasure that I bring you the latest entry into the Music-Rx’s Fresh Artist Series and the first since our switch to new surroundings–Ghosty.  Ghosty is a 22-year old MC hailing from the Pittsburgh music scene and he’s a member of musical supergroup, the 58′s.  He’s opened shows for some of the biggest names in hip-hop including Raekwon the Chef, Rick Ross, Mac Miller, and Cappadonna.  Ghosty’s released multiple projects including the mixtapes Smarten Up!! (2008), Extra Credit (2009), Very Expensive Championship (2010), and UPS Is Hiring (2010).  Now, here’s a little more about the artist in his very own words.

How would you describe your own sound?
One of one.  I believe I created my own sound and style. My style is based on lyrical ability foremost, though.

What’s the latest project you’ve been working on?  Tell us a
little about it.
The 58′s album, coming April 21 and a collaborative EP by me and 58′s producer P. Fish.  It’s called Holy Mackerel. We’re painting full murals on a disc, haha.  That will be out by early summer. Ghosty x P. FishHoly Mackerel (EP).

What effect do you think fashion has on not only your style, but
the hip-hop community in general?
During my time, fashion dates back to the Wu days with their hoodiesand shit. They’re the reason I first wanted a hoody and Timberlands.Today though, I don’t talk much about fashion–it doesn’t really effectmy style, but alot of rappers double as the fashion police in this biz, so it does have an effect. Fans wanna rock whatever their favorite rapper is wearing, so we got 58′s hoodies on deck for them.

Tell us a little something about The 58′s.
The 58′s–Comprised of all friends. Franchise, Mayo, B. White, Vinny, myself, Primavera Vills, P. Fish, and DJ TomDug. We bring classic hip-hop back to relevancy. We aren’t out here trying to bring the 90′s back. We’re making this 2011 shit ours. We hail from Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley.

If you could work with anyone out there right now, who would it be and why?
Alchemist. He’s been a top producer for ages. I think if I was blessed enough to ever rock an exclusive ALC beat, it would be a classic song for sure.

Who are your biggest influences on the music you’re making?
Wu-Tang has been the biggest influence, but others, too, like AZ, NasJ. Dilla, Clipse, and earlier Papoose material.  Pap used to go OFF.  Damn, Those were my high school days, haha.

The Pittsburgh music scene has recently been taking off–what effect do you think growing up and living in the Pittsburgh area has had on your music and sound?
I grew up here so my lyrics are fused with the city, more specifically The Hill, where I grew up.  I was raised in project housing but not a lot of people would know from just how I carry myself in my music and in real life. I’ve always chilled with people from everywhere so I’m not just stuck in one specific area with my sound.

Listen/Download: The Scholars – Smarten Up!!

Listen/Download: The Scholars – Extra Credit

Listen/Download: Ghosty – Very Expensive Championship

Listen/Download: Ghosty – UPS Is Hiring

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