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Our Fresh Artist Series is back and this time, we at The Music-RX are proud to introduce up and comer Lo Thraxx.  Another member of Bakers Club, Lo Thraxx brings some Southern flavor to a young force in the hip-hop community.  His last mixtape entitled, Varsity, dropped not too long ago and he’s still working on some new music for your listening pleasure–The Music RX had a quick Q & A session with Lo Thraxx, so take a minute to learn something about one of the newest, brightest faces in the hip-hop music world.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound is really influenced by the artist i listened to when i was growing up like some Swisher House rappers for example (Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Slim Thug), UGK is a big influence, I also listened to alot of West Coast rappers like NWA when I was young and I studied Ice Cube, and Tupac ALOT . All of em had a significant impact on my flow.

What stuff have you been working on?
Just dropped a mixtape called “Varsity”, its pretty dope if you asked me. But now im just working on a few vids, features for my homies, and I’ll be throwing out a few songs here and there when I feel like I need too.. (which is all the time) so yeah be on the look out for that.

What effect does fashion have not only upon your style but even hip-hop in general?
Honestly I dont think their could be their hip hop without fashion, back in the day rappers rocked the air force 1′s and gold chains or Adidas, it showed that they had style and were trend setters. that still exists now because rappers are always wearing the latest gear, Every rapper has his or her own style and that just compliments there flow.

Say a little something about Bakers Club and exactly what role it plays in your career.
Bakers Club. Wow, I was telling my nigga Chill that we were like the 92′ dream team because were all very different but at the same time were all COLD. We all have potential to be greats, You’ll see us a lot in the future no doubt.

You’re only 19 years old, where do you see your style going as you grow older?
lol I actually just turned 20 on March 6th. but man I just go with the flow, I know my style will naturally change as I get older but hopefully it will only get better with time you know. But I just really started rapping in 2009 and I’ve been progressing ever since then I can’t even imagine how I’ll sound 5 years from now…I should be at least 10x better than I am now tho real shit!

Whose influencing the music you’re making right now?
I’m honestly influenced to write the music I write by my everyday lifestyle. I just try to incorporate the styles of the rappers I looked up to in my raps. But the shit I do on daily basis are the things I normally rap about. For example my “Still Cruisin’ track, that’s just some shit that happened to me and I put it on a beat.

What have you got coming up for us in the immediate future?
I’m currently just working on perfecting my sound. I’ll be dropping tracks here and there, I got a few shows coming up as well, nothing too major but I’m grinding. I staaaay working on my craft.

What effect do you think coming from the South and its music scene has had upon your sound and the music you’re making?
The south is all through my sound. I try to make it really clear that I am a southern rapper and I’m representing Arkansas To the fullest…On some cool shit tho.

Shout out to The Music-Rx for the dope interview, and putting a light on new up and coming artist. I fucks with Yall the long way. Follow me on twitter @lothraxx and check out all my niggaz in Bakers Club, My nigga Raz Fresco is dropping his album this April, B Chey is currently working on his mixtape and so is the homies P Blackk, and Brisk. Check out my nigga Chill Will’s Mixtape Cold Chillin’ 2 if you haven’t heard it yet and go peep my Varstiy mixtape…it’s only right, and I’m out!

Twitter: @LoThraxx

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