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We at the Music-RX always support new, up and coming talent. So, it is my pleasure to introduce to the world Chill Will. Hailing from Phoenix, AZ by way of Seattle, Washington, Will, a member of Bakers Club, is one of the most original new MCs out there today. His sound is fresh, his flow is smooth, and we’ve got the scoop on him for your listening pleasure. Will’s been working on his latest record entitled “Cold Chillin 2: Dope Dealin’” (due out March 4th) and we had a quick Q&A with the up and coming musical talent to delve into the inner-workings of his young musical mind to introduce him to the public.

How would you describe your sound?
Just “sound” itself. I don’t want to ever put a label on my music–I’m always looking to make dope music. So one minute it might be “this” and the next minute something else. But far as delivery, if yo’ Grandfather could kick funky raps in some Cazal Frames and a Gold Rope, it’ll probably sound like my shit.

Tell us a little something about your latest project.
Cold Chillin 2: Dope Dealin’, is the sequel to Cold Chillin’, and is going to drop on March 4th First time around with Cold Chillin’, I went for more of project with an EP type of feel to it..Something to get out there for the listeners to have, and bring forth an in depth and dope concept at the same time. Second time around, I feel like I patented that concept, and added a twist to it. Cold Chillin’ 2 is definitely Cold Chillin’ on Barry Bonds steroid shit.

What effect does fashion have upon not only your own style but in hip/hop in general?
Clothing always had a huge impact on music. No matter what era of music we’re talking about..I feel like today it has gotten a little out of hand where artists are focusing more on looking a certain way than focusing on their music. Before you would listen to dudes like the Wu and hear them rap about Wallabees and Gold, or when B.I.G. came out with the Coogi and Versace Shades, and be like “man, those dudes are livin’ it up..I need to get like that.” Now, it has become more of a competition and people’s image aren’t matching up with their music. I just wear whatever I like, G, personally..I try to stick to what I grew up on, things that hold value.

Tell us a little about Bakers Club.
The Bakers Club is consisted of Raz Fresco, myself, Brandon Chey, Lo Thraxx, P. Black, and Briskk.  “Bakers Club is just a smartass way of saying a bunch of dudes that like to make money.” -Raz Fresco

I read that you were born in Seattle, WA and moved to Phoenix, AZ–what effect have those very different environments had upon your music/sound?
The Northwest has a lot of impact on my sound because a sound for there hasn’t really been established..So it gives me a lot of freedom to do what I want as far as making music goes. The city itself, Tacoma and Seattle, influence me definitely on the way I carry myself..Just moved out to Phoenix, so I can’t really say that I’ve been affected in a way that would effect my music/sound.

If you could work with anyone out there right now who would it be and why?
I’m cool on features, I feel like I’m surrounded by people (Bakers Club) who know my sound, and what I’m going for..So I couldn’t really say far as features go, and that would probably go the same way for production.. Raz does a good job at composing beats to go along with what I try to present each time..

What influences the music your making?
A lot of movies, G, a lot of movies.  I’m influenced by an innovative visuals, whether it be movies, graffiti, commercials, etc.  Sneakers, too.  Basically if it looks ill, sounds ill, and is presented in a cool way, I’m all for it.

What have you got coming up in the immediate future? What are your plans/expectations?
Cold Chillin’ 2 in March with the homies iLove the Hype and DJ Corey Grand. Raz Fresco and I are also working on a collaborative project that will be releasing in the summer as well..which is going to be really ill. Oh, and of course more music to rattle car speakers before the year is over.

For more information on Chill Will go to:
Download Chill Will’s latest track “Detlef Schrempf”– HERE
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